Farmers Market

I love the Farmers Market! When we lived off of Tryon Road, and it was only 6 minutes away, I would go to the Farmers Market all the time. Now that we are more like 30 minutes from the Farmers Market I don’t get to go as often. As soon as Spring came though my friend, Jen and I decided we would go once a week together…Yes! We take the babies and spend time hanging out, walking around and getting foods for the week! I love the people, the fresh food and the yummy treats the Farmers Market offers! I even bought a basil plant and 3 tomato plants that I am growing so we can have fresh herbs and tomatoes at home!

Since I make all of Aiden’s baby food myself I love being able to get fresh organic foods to make for him. So far he has loved everything I’ve tried and JJ has loved all the produce I’ve gotten for us as well!

aiden shopping

Aiden with the tomato plants we bought.


Love all of the fresh produce.


Jealous of all the beautiful flowers!



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