Mother’s Day

Today I am so thankful and blessed to get to celebrate my “first” Mother’s Day. I say “first” because JJ did celebrate last year for me since I was pregnant with Aiden, but this is the first time our sweet little one is here with us to celebrate! The past 6 and 1/2 months of being a mother have been amazing. I am so thankful for the things the Lord has done, taught me, and allowed to happen in our lives with Aiden! He is such a blessing and I love every moment I have with him (and now that I’m staying home with him, I get a lot of moments).

I am also thankful for this day to take the time to think about and thank my mother, grandmother and all of the other mothers in my life who have had influence on me. Over the past years I have understood what my mother did for me growing up, but not until I had a child of my own did I truly understand all a mother does. I still have a lot of years ahead of me, but I am already so appreciative and thankful for all she gave and did.

Today I am also thinking about those women who are longing to be mother’s and are not yet. I pray the Lord’s comfort and grace for them.

Today I am also reminded that Aiden’s not mine. He is the Lord’s, who has trusted JJ and I with him to raise him in a Godly way and to teach him Truth. This means we will also have to seek and listen to the Lord’s call on Aiden’s life, even if it’s different then what we imagine for his life. Even though Mary knew Jesus was not hers and that the Lord had given her a baby, I can imagine how hard it was to birth him, raise him, love him and then see him go through what he did and did on a cross. Because of his death on the cross, by trusting in Him we can have everlasting life and a relationship with Him.


Bachi D with Aiden


4 Generations


Bachi with Aiden


Granny with Aiden


Grandma with Aiden


Nana with Aiden


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