Celebration Week!

The last week of September was a fun and busy week! We celebrated birthdays and a baby shower. It all started that Tuesday when JJ took me downtown for dinner at Poole’s Diner. He ended up having to work late that day, but because we are “wild and crazy” we still went out to eat….at 10:30pm…on a Tuesday! Needless to say we were the last to leave around midnight, but had a great time and really good food!

Then on Thursday everyone started getting into town for the rest of the celebration weekend!  Mom, Dad, Bachi, and Gaddi came into town Thursday evening and on Friday Ashley, Meghan, Melinda and Chris came into town. Chris was in town for a job interview and only got to stay the night, but it was good to get to see him for the night.

On Saturday was my birthday and baby shower! The shower was at 11am so my plan was to sleep in a little, get up and work out, then get ready for the shower. Well that plan went out the door when Ashley, Paige, and Meg showed up at 7:30am to ambush me with a birthday surprise and song! It was really sweet of them to kick the day off that way and set the tone for the rest of the day! After that I was up and ready for the day!

The baby shower was a lot of fun and the hostesses; Paige, Heather, Ashley, Jen, and Meghan (who kind of got thrown into being a hostess) hosted such an amazing shower! It was so fun to be surrounded by friends and family and to get so many wonderful gifts for baby boy! It was a beautiful shower and the girls definitely out did themselves.

For my birthday, they gave me a little dessert at the shower and throughout the day, Paige, would give me cards from different people wishing me a happy birthday, it made the entire day so special!

After the shower we all went back to our house for the rest of the day.  We had appetizers, played a card game, and ate a delicious dinner made by mom and JJ!! Mom made a yummy mac-and-cheese and JJ smoked a Chicken and Boston Butt! We then finished the night with another card game…which by the way I won both card games! 🙂

Sunday evening we spent watching football and the Ryder Cup. Afterward we went downtown for dinner at 18 Seaboard where we were spoiled rotten! They put us in their private dining room and brought us appetizers, soups, and desserts that we didn’t order…it was marvelous!

Monday, dad and JJ played in the church golf tournament and then we spent Monday night celebrating dad’s birthday, Bachi’s birthday, and Bachi and Gaddi’s 63rd wedding anniversary! It was another great night!


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