My husband talks in his sleep…often.

So I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile and found it in my drafts so here it is! When JJ was working nights one week he had a late night. As I was getting up at 5:45am to work out he’s climbing into bed to go to sleep. We talk for a little and he tells me about his night and asks how mine was and then he starts to fall asleep.

Some of you who know JJ knows he often talks in his sleep. As I am getting my work out clothes on he has already fallen asleep (were talking maybe 30 seconds here). All of a sudden he starts yelling and this is how our sleep talk conversation goes.
JJ: Why is there a helicopter on our house? Do you hear that? There is a helicopter on our house!
***** I realize he’s hearing the fan and thinks it’s a helicoptor. I first respond by telling him there isn’t a helicopter on our house and that it’s the fan. He continues…
JJ:Yes, there is a helicoptor on our house! I hear it! What did you do?”.
Me: (At this point I had to start playing along) I stole a baby stroller!
JJ: What? Why would you do that? I was going to buy you a stroller.
Me: Because I really wanted it!
JJ: Where did you steal it from?
Me: Target
JJ: Teran, Why would you do that?…then a pause….wait, they wouldn’t bring the helicopter out for that….What else did you do?

At this point in time I’m just laughing and couldn’t keep it up any longer, but these are the types of conversations that we usually have when he talks in his sleep!

Thankfully Bachi and Gaddi got us a stroller at the baby shower a few weeks ago so JJ won’t have to worry about me stealing one now! 🙂


One thought on “My husband talks in his sleep…often.

  1. Hehaeh THAT is funny! It’s hilarious he actually replies to you. And that he thought you must have done more than steal the stroller for a helicopter to come get you. Ha!!

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