Labor Day Weekend and Our First Baby Shower!

This past weekend JJ had to be in Charlotte to work the Democratic National Convention so Paige and I took some time off of work and went to Franklin to be with family! It was so nice getting away for a few days, having my first shower, and hanging out with the family!

Mom, with the help of Melinda, put on a wonderful baby shower for us on Saturday! It was so much fun being surrounded by so many sweet ladies and to be showered with gifts for our baby boy. Mom put so much work into the shower and I really appreciate everything she did, and it was so touching to see how loved Aiden already is. We got so many wonderful and cute gifts and I can’t wait for Aiden to see them all! 🙂 One of the best presents was the crib set. Mom handmade the skirt and bumper and Melinda made his blanket, the entire set came out so good! We also got our stroller and car seat from Bachi and Gaddi, can’t wait to have him in them!!

The rest of the weekend we spent eating really good food, hanging out at the house, hiking, and spending time with Bachi and Gaddi. We had so much fun just spending time with family and enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of the mountains.

I’ve included some pictures below from the weekend!


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