This past weekend JJ and I went to South Carolina for our babymoon! It’s our last “hoo’rah” before baby boy gets here! We found a groupon for the Middleton Plantation Inn that came with breakfast, manager’s reception, bike rental, and a tour of the plantation house and just couldn’t pass it up! We planned to be at the plantation from Saturday evening to Monday. Since we had Friday night available we decided to check with our friends Nate and Megan who now live in Murrels Inlet, SC to see if they were in town and we could come visit with them Friday night!

We left Raleigh Friday afternoon to spend the evening with Nate, Megan, and their son Wayne. We got to go dinner and hang out that night watching the Braves. Wayne was just an infant the last time we saw him, so it was so fun seeing him now at 1, and he was so sweet! We had a lot of fun with them and seeing Nate’s Chick-fil-A. JJ’s already planning a trip to go back down during the winter and spend a weekend golfing with Nate. I’m ok with that because then Megan and I will get to spend the weekend shopping!

On Saturday we left Murrels Inlet around lunch time to spend the afternoon and evening in downtown Charleston. We had a great time walking around Battery Park, the Market Place and back and forth between the restaurant we ate at and Kaminsky’s where we had dessert! It was a beautiful day and the walking we did was good because of all the food we ate!

After dessert we went to the plantation where we spent the rest of the weekend. It was a great place to spend our babymoon. It’s a quiet inn on the plantation grounds so you’re able to relax and just enjoy your time there, but can also explore the grounds and have  some good food! It was somewhat overcast most of the weekend, but it kept the temperature down which was nice, especially with how humid it is there! We had a lot of fun riding bicycles around the property, reading by the Ashley River, touring the old house, and walking around the gardens and barns. There is also a restaurant on the property where we had one of the best dinners we’ve had in along time, especially JJ’s Pimento Cheese Filet Mignon! We had to avoid some gators along the way, but in the end had a great weekend! Some pictures from the weekend are below!


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