Getting ready for baby boy!

JJ and I have been busy getting ready for baby boy! It wasn’t until last week, at 24 and 1/2 weeks, it hit us that we need to start getting things ready for him! Heather was so great to go and register with me and then JJ and I spent some time picking out some of our bigger items! Mom is making the crib set so we have been busy picking out material and Melinda is making his blanket so she has been busy doing that. It can all be over-whelming! Well today I found my treasure and a place I will frequently visit and will definitely help relieve some stress!

In our neighborhood I found a great consignment shop. Not only do they have the cutest and really good priced baby stuff, but they also have maternity clothes as well. I was able to get a dress, jeans and top for me, plus 7 items for baby boy for $19! This will definitely be a blessing moving forward when every penny will count even more!


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