It’s a Boy!

On Monday at 20 and 1/2 weeks we had our 2nd ultrasound! I was so excited just to get to see our baby again, but also anxious to see how the baby is doing and if the baby is a boy or a girl! Baby has been so active lately, or I guess it could be that I can just finally feel all the moving that’s been happening for a while now, but it’s made it more real, so finding out how baby is doing and the sex of the baby was so exciting for us!

Mom and Dad came into town for the weekend so the timing worked out perfectly that they got to go to the appointment with us. We all got up early and arrived at the doctors a few minutes early for the appointment. After all of us cramming into this tiny little room we were finally ready to get started. The ultrasound tech at my practice is the best, she’s so good and so sweet! She started looking at the baby and said everything was looking good and developing. She then asked us if we want to know…and of course we said yes! As she went to the area we needed to see, I could tell right away and said “Is it a boy?” and sure enough…it was! We then got to see his heart, stomach, brain, liver, and other major organs of the body and everything looked great! We got to take home pictures and a disc of the pictures and we all couldn’t stop looking at them!

JJ and I are so thankful and blessed that our baby boy is growing and developing so well and praise our Father for this life He has given us.


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