The Story…Continued

So I hope some of you got to see the video Paige made for us that we posted last week about “our story”. We wanted to do something fun, well I wanted to do something fun, to announce our exciting news, but there is much more to our story.

The Lord has been so faithful to us during this time. Last summer the Lord starting putting on each of our heart’s the desire for children. Shortly after that I found out I was going to have to have surgery again (I had already had one surgery earlier that year in February). It was a hard time for me because the Lord had placed the desire on our hearts and we were very excited about what was in store and now had to deal with this and didn’t know what the outcome would be. The Lord was continually faithful during this time and put the story of Abraham and Sara on my heart. In my quiet time and in our bible study I was also going through Samuel. The Lord showed me the story of  Elkanah and Hannah and this story was such a comfort for me through this hard time. Hannah had not had any children and it was said that her womb was closed, but her husband loved her very much and she wanted to have a child so badly. She prayed and vowed to the Lord that if he allowed her to have a child she would dedicate that child to the Lord. Soon after that the Lord remembered her and she was blessed with a child.

My second surgery was in September (the day before my birthday). The Lord looked over me and the surgery went the best it possibility could, even still my doctor told me it would probably be up to a year before we could get pregnant. We continued to seek the Lord and be patient knowing that the Lord gives life and in His timing we would be blessed with a baby.

I would get discouraged, because it seemed like everyone around us was getting pregnant except for us, but JJ and his calming ways and God was always with me and would bring me back to a place of understanding and hope in him.

In early March we went on a cruise with my family. As we were getting ready to leave on the cruise I had a feeling our prayers had finally been answered. Sure enough on Day 3 of the cruise we found out we were expecting a little one! JJ couldn’t believe it and we were just so excited the Lord had blessed us with this baby! I again vowed to the Lord that this child would be His and we would raise him or her in a way that he or she will have an opportunity to know their heavenly father.

We are so thankful for our God and that he has drawn us close so that we can have a personal relationship with Him and pray that for our child and for all of you.

By the way…if you haven’t seen the video be sure to watch it from our last blog post!


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