Another great weekend!

This past weekend we went to south Georgia to visit JJ’s family. It meant more time on the road, but it was worth it to get to see everyone! We had a great time visiting with his Granny, Papaw, aunt, uncle, and cousins! The drive down took a little longer then we thought. We thought we could make it by midnight, but didn’t get there till 1:45am. We hit beach traffic out of Raleigh, Spring Break traffic on I-95 and rain. All annoying, but I knew it was getting bad when we pull up to Chick-fil-A in Florence, SC to eat. As we turn in we see it’s drive-thru only and JJ starts saying in a stressed voice “drive-thru?…drive-thru?…I can’t do this, this is not what I planned…I need to get coffee creamer and put it in my coffee!!!!” So what do we do, go to the mall nearby and see if they have a Chick-fil-A in their food court. Thank goodness they do! So we find the bathroom, not by the food court, go back order our food and his coffee and….they are out of coffee and aren’t making anymore because they are closing in 10 minutes! We finally got back in the car, with coffee coke in hand and hit the road!

Like I said 1:45am we finally make it to JJ’s grandparents house and they are up and ready to socialize..I don’t know how they do it! We were excited to be there and see them so we all stayed up till 3am talking. The next day was a day of relaxing, socializing, napping, eating, and playing games. Granny made us a delicious breakfast and dinner (we all slept through lunch) and then we had a great night watching basketball, playing trivia, and skype’ing with Zac, Bekah, and Avery!

The next day we went to church, had another delicious meal and then got back on the road to Raleigh. You can see Charlie had the most fun out of all he slept the whole way back!  Below are some pictures from our trip!


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