Vacation..yes please!

The past week was great!  We got to spend a week in the Caribbean away from work, internet, and cell phones. We went on an 8-day Royal Caribbean cruise that stopped in St. Marten, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, and Haiti with 3 days at sea. My family goes on a cruise every year, but it’s been a few years since Paige and I went and this was JJ’s first cruise! We had a great time eating our weight in food, laying by the pool, seeing the shows, playing trivia, playing putt-putt/shuffle board/basketball, rock climbing and exploring the islands!

We had a great time with Mom, Dad, Cousin Gail and her friend Darlene! Vacations are great because they give you a chance to enjoy family and relax, but also gives you a chance to realize how blessed you are and to be thankful for it. Many of the islands we went to the people do not live even close to the way we live in the US and the cruise staff is on the boat for 6 – 9 month contracts working everyday and not getting to see their families.

I’ve included some pictures of the fun we had and the things we saw!


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