I’m blogging again…for real this time (Bachi’s reading!)

Bachi and Gaddi have an iPad now and so I told her I would start blogging again so she could read it on her iPad and see pictures. So where better to start then with our weekend in Orlando.

We had tickets to leave on the train at 9:27pm, at 9:10pm we find out the train is stuck behind a broken down freight train outside of Rocky Mount. After waiting about an hour or so, we decided to get a refund and start the 9hr drive to Orlando. So Friday night/Saturday morning was spent on Interstate 95 avoiding deer and swerving big rigs. We got to Orlando around 7:45am and Bachi had breakfast waiting for us!

We had a great weekend of spending time with Bachi and Gaddi, eating, laying by the pool, swimming, eating, golfing, playing cards, eating, taking pictures, relaxing, eating, and having a great weekend with Bachi and Gaddi. Below are some pictures from our weekend!


2 thoughts on “I’m blogging again…for real this time (Bachi’s reading!)

    • Thanks Lisa, that was all Paige’s idea! We played on Orange Tree, it’s a great course, I grew up on the 10th hole….used to sell lemonade to the golfers! 🙂 Brings back good memories being there!

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