The 11 Days of Europe – Day 2

Day 2 was a great day in Basel. Even though we were tired, we got up early to go to church with Nate and Maria. I’m so glad we did. It was so amazing worshiping our Lord with people from all over the world. Maria had to do some stuff after church so while she was busy, and Nate and JJ were playing Foosball with some guys. I met and talked with 2 girls, one from Germany one from Australia. It was a lot of fun!

When we were ready to go we then took the tram to one of the few open grocery stores in the city (most things are closed on Sundays). We got the necessities for dinner: chips, this awesome apple drink, and ice cream! Here are some pictures we took in that square and walking back to their place.

Nate was hungry so we had to keep moving, but we passed a lot of cute streets and pretty buildings! We made tomato basil and mozzarella sandwiches for lunch with Tomato Soup, then headed back out for a 3 hour stroll around Basel! Basel is such a pretty city and it was a lot of fun just walking around and seeing what it had to offer. As we were walking along the Rhine River we did see a man using heroine and another man peeing in the river.

SO…before I finish up this blog (JJ speaking here), I would like to first say that I think I have been duped. I remember when I had days off and my sweet wife would say, “Have a good day off, do you have any plans today?”, and then she would be on her way out the door. Then on occasion she would ask if I could do a small errand here and a small errand there. Now lately, when I go downstairs to eat breakfast on my days off days there has been list of things to do. I can’t help but wonder…have I been subtly trained without even being aware of it??? She sure is sneaky 😉 but I love her. One of my tasks today was to finish our day 2 blog.

Anyway, sorry to side track, now back to the day. I would like to say first of all, the trip was a lot of fun. I like the towns and cities a lot, but why all the graffiti? There is graffiti ALL over the place, it is very tacky. Anyone who spray paints a building that is over 500 years old needs a nice big thump on the head.

So we were walking along the Rhine River, it was pretty neat. However the entire time I had no idea that it was the Rhine River. Teran claims that she made me aware of this but I’m not so sure. The whole time I’m thinking to myself, I like this River and wonder what it is…now I know!

We ate some roasted chesnuts by the River. They were very good. There are a lot of vendors that sell them, I guess I would compare them to boiled peanuts here in the states. Yum! Nate and Maria walked us all over Basel, very fun. We went the Munster Church and saw some men playing Bacci Ball. The whole city just has a different kind of feel to it. We got home around early evening that night and had supper and watched a little football!

Later that night we got a phone call “the airport is outside” atleast that’s how we translated the Swiss German, but we assumed that meant my luggage had finally arrived from being lost! I was excited to change my underwear. 3 days in the same underwear and socks is not my idea of a vacation. The “We are sorry we lost your luggage” bag or toiletries was not getting it done. They gave me an XXL T-shirt, small stick of unscented deodorant, 2 q-tips, and tooth paste and tooth brush…thanks.

So that was day 2 of the trip but day 1 of the vacation, because at no point during our day of travels did I feel like I was on vacation. Nate and Maria did a great job of starting our stay in Europe off right!

(Teran again, I can’t figure out how to seperate my pictures, so they are all together at the top, sorry! I’ll try to figure it out.)


3 thoughts on “The 11 Days of Europe – Day 2

  1. I think you did well with the pics, JJ! The only ones I miss are the pics of all the good food! 🙂 That was my first clue that you wrote this post….Happy weekend!

  2. I thought I just left a comment on this post, but I guess I just commented on one of your pictures. So, go read that comment! 🙂

  3. Eagerly awaiting posts about Day 3-11! I have been toying with the idea of bringing my laptop along with us to New Zealand, so that I can write posts at the end of the day (not to post live every day, but more in a diary way) because I know I’ll forget details and will not want to try to write when we get back!

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