No Showers, No Bathrooms, Big problem! :)

So I know that’s not exactly the way Kenny sings it, but I think it’s funny. This past weekend we went “camping” at Carolina Beach near Wilmington. Going into it I was preparing for a campground, with a bath house, and toilets(JJ – Actually, I told her that it was not a campground, and we were camping on the beach and there would only be some bathrooms and an outside shower tor rinse off with…she just chose not to listen to that part). The day before we left I found out we were literally “camping” on the beach (JJ – remember what I just said…). JJ and I don’t have a functioning tent, so for us it was more like “sleeping in the back of his truck on the beach”. We got to the beach around 1:30pm on Saturday, set up camp, and got settled in. Carolina Beach is like any other NC beach: houses, hotels, restaurants and beach stores, until you get to the end of the road where the public access beach starts, then it’s nothing but sand dunes, ocean, cars, tents and dogs!

The boys had to head back to civilzation to get ice and supplies so I went on a long walk on the beach! 🙂 So cliche I know, but I really do love long walks on the beach! When the boys got back we broke out the ladder golf, this was JJ’s first time playing and my 2nd, but we ended up leaving as the Undefeated Ladder Golf Champions! We had a great time playing ladder golf, playing in the ocean, reading, and relaxing!

Luckily Jon and Ashley, our wonderful hostesses, definitely came prepared and are professional beach campers! They had 2 solar showers, which are pretty much black plastic bags that you fill with water, let the sun heat up, and then shower! It wasn’t the strongest water flow, but I was so thankful to have it! 2 solar showers, 10 gallons of water, 7 people, 30 minutes and we were all off to dinner! Ya we passed on the grilling out and decided to try one of the seafood restaurants…not too shabby!

Ok, Teran handed the reins to me to finish off the blog, which may prove to be a mistake on her part. After a few hours off the sand we made it back to our campsite. The ol’ Toyota does pretty well on the sand if I do say so myself. You shoulda seen her, driving along the coast with her silver shining bright in the sunlight (all the other trucks were giving her the googlie eyes). We tried to play some more ladder golf but it was kinda hard to hit a target you can’t see so we went to bed.

Overall it was fun, but…trying to sleep was a nightmare. It was nice at first being able to look up at the stars and hear the ocean. About 5 seconds later I realized what a mistake I had made. Our blankets were already getting a little damp from the dew, we had some boisterous company, and the bugs were out of control. Teran went right to sleep, I stayed up alllllll night long. That morning it didn’t take us long to get off the beach. We rolled up our blankets, stopped for Dunkin’ Donuts and back to Raleigh in time for Teran’s picnic for work and our WePod Kickball Challenge.

All in all it was a good time. I definitley want to go back again and do some more camping, but, Teran just wants to do day trips. I guess that’s just something we’ll have to work out by the time the next trip comes around. I’m hoping I can get Bucky to come down from Franklin and go back, me and him haven’t been camping in way too long. I think we’ll drag Chad and Heather along with us since they have the season pass…we’ve always wanted to go somewhere together, no better time than now!


3 thoughts on “No Showers, No Bathrooms, Big problem! :)

  1. Sounds like you had a fun, yet interesting time at the beach. Nate and I love to camp, so we’ll have to be sure to do that next year some time together! p.s. jj, you’re pretty funny 🙂

  2. There is NOTHING like camping! You should have told us, Teran. We have PLENTY of supplies you could’ve borrowed – including a tent that sleeps 8! Though, we’ve only used it for 2 (call it a very BIG master bedroom – LOL!).

    So jealous you got to go! Next time, maybe the four of us can go together. You guys can take the “master bedroom” and we’ll take the tent for 2 that we have. We also have that outdoor shower as well. Camping is FUN!!

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