Cow Appreciation Day!

Part of being the  Unit Marketing Director for Chick-fil-A’s is dressing up like a cow on Cow Appreciation Day! Since I had started the job 4 days earlier, my cow apparel was not much to talk about. That’s when mine and JJ’s creative sides had to kick in, did I mention neither one of us really have a creative side.  So we started cutting out cow spots from white computer paper, JJ picked up safety pins at Target for me and I was on my way adding the white spots to my black dress.

It turned out decently well. Some people thought I was just wearing a polka dot dress, but some people got I was a  cow! I was walking around on pins and needles all day though (almost literally! :))  I had to be really careful all day that the safety pins didn’t come loose because they were all hooked on the inside! Yikes! Cow Appreciation Day was a lot of fun though and we gave away a lot of free food! It was a great end to a great first week as Unit Marketing Director at Chick-fil-A!


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