4th of July Weekend!

As you probably saw in a previous post we went to Franklin this past weeked for the 4th of July. It was our first time home since the wedding and we had a great time! Here are some highlights from the weekend! We left early Friday morning and got to Franklin in time to have lunch with JJ’s best friend Adam! We had a Franklin favorite…Fat Buddies! I remember it being a lot better than it was..
That afternoon we went to Country Meadows annual 4th of July cook out! JJ and I were the youngest by a good 30 years, but we had a good time visiting with Mom and Dad’s residents! Then it was back in the car and over to Sylva to meet Bekah and Zac to eat at the smokehouse, oh I mean LuLu’s. Apparently they kept burning something though because there was smoke coming out of the kitchen and filling the dining room. Personally I think it all came from my burnt portabello mushrooms, but they were pretty tasty so I didn’t say anything. As a night cap we got some coffee and climbed the steps to the court house where we sat, talked, and laughed as the sun went down! Then it was home to relax in the hot tub and watch for the fox…ya mom has a pet fox she’s adopted in her backyard!
Saturday was a fun-filled day of humbly kicking JJ’s bootie in just about everything we did (oops did I just type that out loud :)). Dad made us his yummy pancakes to start the day off and then it was off to the golf course! We only played 9 holes, and my swing is probably the ugliest you’ve ever seen, and well, so it my grip…and my follow through, but with all that said…that’s right, I beat JJ!!

We headed home after that to prepare for our 4th of July celebration! We ate lunch and showered then headed out to the community barn to let the dogs play in the field and to get the horse shoe tournament started! With our cheering squad ready (aka Bachi), Dad and I prepared to take on Gaddi and JJ. After a couple Ringers, a few “close enoughs”, and a lot of misses Dad and I came out the winners! Then over the hill we saw Mom, Aunt Barbara, Uncle Ed, and Pat making their way towards the barn. Dad and I decided to take on Aunt Barbara and Uncle Ed thinking we were going to have another win under out belt! Boy were we wrong! They kicked our booties, I think it’s just because Dad and I were so tired from all the winning we had been doing throughout the day! 🙂

After the Horse Shoe tournament was over we all headed back to the house to grill and hang out! Dinner was great, but it was late by the time we got done. Aunt Barbara, Uncle Ed, and Pat headed home and the rest of us piled into the cars and headed to one of the curves to watch the fireworks! Ya we’re an old married couple and didn’t want to deal with the crowds so we just went with the other old married couples to watch the fireworks from the curve of the mountain!

We got back to the house and challenged Mom, Dad, Bachi, and Gaddi to another continental rummy game! Dad got lucky, but we did see a flying squirrel, no fox tonight though…booo

The next morning bachi and gaddi had a fairwell breakfast for us and then it was time to hit the road. Luckily my sweet husband drove the whole way so I got to work on some Chick-fil-A stuff and sleep! Made it home just in time for our small group coming over for bible study!..Needless to say it was a great weekend!






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