Road Trip, don’t speed…and Mustache Power!

Home sweet home….well kinda….Franklin, NC!  JJ and I left for Franklin this morning! After a long night of laundry, packing, Target, loading the car ,and fixing JJ’s man room (organized and hooked up the HD, that’s right!!) I was ready to go!

We headed out early and JJ was quickly out so it was just me, my banana, my grapes, and my ipod! It was an early drive and I didn’t sleep well the night before so I had to do all I could to keep myself awake. In between passing every state trooper in the state of North Carolina I kept myself busy singing at the top of my whisper! If I got tired of singing I would just watch JJ’s mustache grow. Yes, you heard me right, his mustache…..

Seriously though there were so many State Troopers out this morning. They would even sit on the over passes clocking people and send their friends out to pull them over. I dodged their radar and made it here without a ticket (shh don’t tell JJ)!

It was an easy trip though, and we’ll be in Franklin till Sunday hanging out the family and celebrating the 4th of July!


3 thoughts on “Road Trip, don’t speed…and Mustache Power!

  1. I finally figured out how to follow blogs, so I added yall to my list. Also, we played volleyball yesterday and I did a judochop spike and it worked out very well.

    jj – don’t shave the mustache

  2. haha dont go judochoppin something that doesn’t need judochoppin, but it sounds like it worked out well!!! 🙂 Hate we missed it!

    we’ll see how long the mustache makes it…

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