A busy couple of days!

Monday and Tuesday have been a busy couple of days for us. JJ worked night shift all weekend and didn’t get home till 7:30am on Monday morning (boooo, 12 hrs is enough, I hate it when he has to stay later). I was already up and off to the races, because I had to go to the DMV to change my name and renew my license, drop JJ’s uniforms off at the dry cleaners, go to the grocery store for dinner that night, go to WholeFoods to get Mom and Bachi reusable grocery bags, to Chick Fil A to get my paperwork filled out, back to the DMV because I forgot to sign my voter registration card and all of this was before Noon!  WHOOSSSSSSH, Did you get all that?!?!

JJ was still a sleep when I got home so I just got some stuff done around the house as I waited on Bachi and Gaddi! They got to Raleigh at 1:45 pm and needed some lunch! I woke JJ up (who gave me the evil,why did you wake me up look) and we we’re off to Panera Bread! Had a great lunch and even ran into some of my old NBC 17 co-workers. Gaddi needed to get his new XM Radio fixed so it took it buy Best Buy and strolled around and went to a few other places to kill time.

Gaddi’s car still wasn’t ready so we headed back home! We had a great time back at the house. We had some appetizers while Gaddi told us all kinds of stories from when he was in the Korean War, Bachi and Gaddi (the younger years), and their very interesting journey through their mobile home park endeavor. The best part was I got most of it on video!  Then JJ did his grill-master thing with some Turkey and I cooked some of my Risotto Especial for Bachi and Gaddi!  Yummy!! They FINALLY  got Gaddi’s car ready by the time we were done eating (8:45pm!).

When we got back the 4 of us played Continental Rummy! Final scores (and remember the lowest score wins) Gaddi-752, JJ-496, Bachi-206, Teran-122!! So you can see it was a great game! Everyone was exhausted after the game so headed to bed!

After a great night of sleep and dreaming about my win 🙂 we went to breakfast with Bachi and Gaddi before they headed back to Franklin. JJ has been wanting a gym membership (for his manly muscles) so we went to Lifestyle so he could work out and spend time with me at the same time (I so smart, shhh, I don’t think he has caught on to that yet).

We wanted to get a volleyball to play with tonight so we went to Dick’s and then…OFF TO BEST BUY FOR JJ’S TV!!!  JJ finally walked out of Best Buy with a big smile on his face instead of a frown! We have our TV and a $100 gift card to Best Buy so we’re excited about that!

Dinner Time at Billy and Sonia’s…we had a leadership meeting for our small groups from church and had some awesome conversation and hopefully some good ideas for the future along with great food (bbq, corn on the cob, delicious maccaroni). 

GIRLS RULE AND GUYS DROOL…We played Volleyball from about 7:00 pm until dark and the final set of games was between the girls and the guys.  Obviously the girls beat the guys (quite handedly I might add) 2 games out of 3… (Wooohooo).  Great end to a great couple of days.

Some pictures below to go along with our 2 days!!!

-Ninjer and Ninjetty


One thought on “A busy couple of days!

  1. Girls rule! If the boys want a rematch, we can take them down again! (…and I promise to learn how to set…)

    Also, can you teach me how to cook some of those delish dinners???

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