The “Man Room”…

The “Man Room” … “Man Cave” or “Isolation room” (as JJ likes to call it) is in progress! This is the room, as I see it, where JJ will spend time thinking of me and planning all kinds of sweet surprises that he can’t do while I’m around. JJ plans on using the room for man know…watching sports, watching sports, and watching sports.

Since we got back from Jamaica we have started moving the bed and the desk. We have looked at TV’s and Wii’s and have started taking pictures of items we no longer need and are going to sell on Craiglists (don’t worry JJ will be handling the craigslisters :))

It will probably take us a while to really get it how we want it, I mean how he wants it, but I thought I would show you all pictures of our progress! I forgot to take a picture before with the bed down there and we’re not about to haul that thing all the way down there so were starting with the moving!

(This is the j-bird talking now) Bachi and Gaddi are driving to Raleigh to visit and bring us a couch that we will use for the downstairs “multi-purpose FAMILY room” as I like to call it.  I have no idea where she got this “man room”, “islolation room” from.  I would never request a room like that to have all to myself and not share with my wonderful wife ; ).  We are excited to have Bachi and Gaddi come visit, even if it is for just a day.  They will be our first guests (Ninjetty better start cleaning)!


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