We are no longer a single-income family!

Today I had my 4th and final interview with Chick fil A!! As of today I am the newest Unit Marketing Director for 2 of the stores here in Raleigh (Capital Crossings and Falls Village)! I’m super excited about the job and think I’m really going to like it! I will be doing things similar to what I did with NBC 17, but for CFA! Working on marketing the product as well as building outside sales. I really like Chris Latta, the owner, and everyone else I’ve met through the interview process.

I think JJ’s just excited because we can go get his TV for his “man room” now and he can have his “man friends” over to do “manly” things. I’m pretty sure he’s about to run out the door now to get one! I’ll be starting on July 6th, so have one more week of laying by the pool, staying up late with JJ, and being a house wife!


3 thoughts on “We are no longer a single-income family!

  1. Yay! Congrats! Chick-fil-A has always seemed like a great company to work for and is so supportive of the communities they are in. Working in non-profit land, they are always listed as sponsors of local events/programs. I’m sure this will fit your values and knowledge, and I know its a relief to have a job!

  2. Thanks yall!! I’m really excited about it!! Jennifer how are you doing? Did the move go ok!?

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