2 weeks and counting…

So…Teran (often times you will hear me refer to her as ninjetty, its just a pet name) and I decided to start a blog one night after bible study.  We went downtown to Helios to have some coffee and play checkers and just hang out. (PS..I kicked his butt in checkers :)) (P.S.S. after I let her win).  

Where did the name of the blog come from???  Well, we have been married just over 2 weeks now and ninjetty thought it sounded like a “cute” name for a blog and there you have it.  You will probably hear from either one of us or both of us at the same time, who knows.  Right now things are still kinda crazy and busy.  Teran is still gainfully unemployed but busy being a wife, looking for work, and helping with our City Lights Ministry from our Revolution 714 group at Bay Leaf Baptist Church .  We will try to update everyone on our goings ons as much as possible (for those who are interested anyway : ) ).


3 thoughts on “2 weeks and counting…

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea! And Teran…cute name for the blog. Although, I’m not surprised you came up with it. 😉

    You guys have fun with this. You have such a wonderful relationship, you just might inspire others to build theirs around their faith too.

    God Bless you both! Can’t wait to

  2. I’m so excited about the Blog as well. Sounds like you two are having a lot of fun. I miss you guys. Look forward to your updates!

  3. Well, Im waiting to see Teran in a cute little outfit from the inspirational utube video…And JJ, I think you do a better job at it with the imitation…:)

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